Patented Ship Hull
Our Services

Our Services

Our customers send us detailed user-defined data of the hull and a propulsion and resistance calculation.

We modify this design with the patented Lindinger hull. It affects only the outer ship’s cover.

Our services offer:

  • Revision of the transferred hull
  • CFD simulation
  • Model construction and simulation test on behalf of the customer
  • The complete test procedures are made at a ship building test facility for resistance and propulsion
  • Transfer of the optimized design to the customer in data format.
  • International testing methods according to ITTC 78
  • Participation in propeller development or optimization

Optimization in CFD

Ship optimization of a 200m Feeder Ship

Originalschiff Reeder

Variante Lindinger V3.1

CFD Simulation

  • Draft of the vessel: 10m
  • Speed: 14.5 km

The test results of the new design are compared to the results of the ship owner via CFD simulation and analysis (STAR-CCM+ 15.09.009, double precision).

Test procedures

  • Test series according to ITTC '78
  • Feeder Ship 200m

Test run at the Vienna Model Basin Ltd