Patented Ship Hull
Our Services

Our Services

Our clients send us their hull lines files with propulsion calculation/resistance.

This design of the outer hull is then modified by us with our patented hull design innovation and with AFT OPT® (holistic aft ship optimisation).

Subsequently, the setup for propeller and rudder has to be re-adjusted in order to achieve the holistically best result. For this, we take over the coordination with the respective departments in order to implement all options and possibilities for the client through our innovative technology.

Our services include:

  • Reengineering of the original hull lines
  • CFD simulation of the original hull and the patent hull in comparison
  • Model fabrication/model testing on behalf of the customer
  • the entire test procedure in a shipbuilding test institute to measure resistance and propulsion
  • delivery of the optimised design to the client in data format
  • Verification by international test procedures according to ITTC 78
  • participation in rudder and propeller development/optimisation

Optimisation CFD

Ship optimisation feeder ship 2.900 TEU

CFD Simulation Feeder Vessel 18kts

Originalschiff Reeder

Variante Lindinger V3.1

Optimisation Propulsion Panamax Bulker

CFD Simulation, speed: 13kts

The test results of the new design will be compared with the results of the ship owner via CFD simulation and analysis (STAR-CCM+ 16.04.012, double precision).

Test results tank tests