Patented Ship Hull


AFT OPT® is the abbreviation of AFTship OPTimazion and is a registered trademark of LR-Shipdesign AG, Switzerland.

AFT OPT® is the synergy of innovative modern ship design with the aim of saving fuel while actively protecting the environment in compliance with all EEDI-3/CII requirements.

These improvements are delivered without any negative constraints of “energy savings devices” (ESD) over the entire speed and draught range of the respective vessel.

The basis is our patented shape of the stern, which makes better use of the energy possibilities of the given physics in shipbuilding while supporting the propulsion at the same time.

Based on the flow effect at our patented stern shape, the hydromechanics and the effectors of the propulsion enable much higher energy efficiency.
This allows the propeller to generate more thrust at lower main engine speed.

The rudder is able to better untwist the propeller wake flow due to its shape and this contributes to a better overall wake flow pattern.

With selected, highly qualified and innovative partner companies, we reassemble the individual components of AFT OPT®. We thus create a highly efficient ship and propulsion design from a single source that exceeds all the challenges of EEDI-3 and CII with maximum efficiency.