Patented Ship Hull
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Patented Lindinger Hull

Worldwide Ship owners and investors are confronted with major challenges. The future entails permanently rising fuel costs –a major part of the operating costs. Environmental challenges, by the IMO and EEDI – beginning in 2020 – force ship owners today to place high investments. Margins on the other hand are small.

This relationship between fuel cost savings and the adherence to the environmental protection is the key to a successful competiveness and future prospects for ship owners.

The Inventor

Roland Lindinger (born in 1963) concentrates on solving the problematics raised by high fuel consumption and environmental constraints. Since 1997 he has carried out multiple tests, examinations and feasibility studies considering different but related core areas.

The ground idea of the Patented Lindinger Hull is to combine economy and ecology in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

The result is the Patented Lindinger Hull. Many designs and multiple tests at Scientific Institutes have proven the hull to be the best solution. The patented hull functions with all categories of commercial vessels, e.g. half-glider- and displacement hulls and achieves fuel savings up to 10%.

Now, Roland Lindinger and his team offer the granting of the hull license worldwide.